September 30, 2023


Joker Prepaid Mastercard - Canada's Prepaid Card to shop, pay or play  online.

Get a Virtual prepaid Mastercard, valued up to $ 500, to pay off your cell phone bill, or late fee from your existing cell service provider. Once your new account is activated, you can simply sign up for your Virtual prepaid Mastercard. The same security features and benefits apply to any other credit card. You can add funds as often as you wish. You only need to make purchases with the card you have chosen on the Internet.

Using the Internet is simple with a virtual prepaid Mastercard. You just need to enter your card number to complete your purchase and the transaction will be processed. The benefits of this type of card are: there is no need for a bank membership; you don’t incur late payment fees; you do not give out any personal information; you only pay for the purchases you made with your card. Your transactions are insured, so if something happens after the transaction you still have your money. This also makes it safe to give out to your child or employee for safe purchases.

To activate your joker mastercard balance, you just need to fill out an online form. In your entry field, enter the PIN for activation. After the submission of your information, you will then be charged an activation fee. This is a one-time fee and will never be added again to your card balance.

There are many uses for virtual prepaid credit cards besides buying goods or services online. You can use it anywhere a traditional credit card can be used. Many businesses and even hotels and restaurants use them now. They are great for giving out to employees as a reward when they perform a certain task or for other special occasions.

Another great thing about a virtual prepaid Mastercard is that you do not need to remember many different credit card details. A virtual card works just like any other plastic card does. You need to first set your monetary account (monthly balance, daily balance, etc.) followed by entering your user id and password. 

Some banks that offer prepaid Mastercards also allow you to add your bank account to your virtual account. This feature is great if you want to send payments to someone who lives far away and you cannot send a regular card over the internet. 

By adding your bank account to your virtual account, you can easily transfer money to someone and they will receive the payment as if it were a physical card in their hands. These types of transfers are usually referred to as online payments. The great thing about online payments is that if the person you are paying over the internet does not have a PayPal account they will still be able to view your payments.

If you do decide to shop online using your virtual prepaid Mastercard, you will be happy to know that you will not have to pass any charges on the purchases you make. This is because the money you are paying on your transactions is being placed into a special bank account. Once the money is placed in the account, it cannot be touched until the transaction has been completed.