June 23, 2024

Thinking about some values ​​is essential before starting to optimize studies in distance learning courses and reading course (คอร์ส reading which is the term in Thai). Regardless of whether you’re anxious or calmer, it’s up to everyone to put these qualities into practice so that you don’t look bad and avoid boycotting this time, which will make all the difference to your professional career. So always have:


Have you ever heard the term ”focus, strength and faith”? It is the pinnacle of motivation for many people to perform activities that demand complete focus. You need to be 100% aware in a given situation, so you don’t fall into procrastination and let your studies go down the drain.

Start by thinking about the benefits you will have when taking time to study: getting a certificate of excellence, mastering a subject that is essential for your role, learning a new language, using the workload as a complement to college classes, in public exams, or learn more to do well in the job market, for example. There are many options and objectives, which is why online courses are so valued nowadays. So, choose those goals you like most and stay focused, just as you would if you had to attend a classroom, take an exam or perform any activity at work, such as writing a text or filling out a spreadsheet.


On the other hand, it’s no use thinking about focus if nothing is organized. It’s no use wanting to study lying on the couch with your notebook on your lap, lying in bed with your smartphone in your hand, without a set time, and in an unfavorable environment.

Before starting your studies with distance learning courses, prepare an ideal space for this. Choose a place that is quiet and has no movement. Place your notebook on a table, sit in a chair, and keep a notebook available to take notes. Log in to the platform and avoid opening sites that have nothing to do with the article as much as possible.

Also, it’s good to set a time: half an hour to learn English online and half an hour to study Spanish, for example. That way, you don’t get tired and keep the momentum going to carry out the following activities – in addition to assimilating the maximum amount of content, of course.


Discipline goes hand in hand with focus and organization. One value depends on the other for you to succeed in any goal. Therefore, never try to sabotage yourself and give yourself a chance to ”cheat the rules” of your study. If it’s time to get started, go and do it, don’t delay.

Of course, unforeseen events happen, but think about it: a lost day can mean much to your empowerment. Besides, when you take a break, you have a good chance of putting aside studies again the next day, which becomes a harmful cycle. Turn off your cell phone and, at the correct time, start studying. Only go out to stretch, go to the bathroom, or in cases of extreme need. So you respect your time and work the discipline effectively.