June 6, 2023

Suspecting asbestos in your building is quite common these days. Most people face this problem and found appropriate ways to deal with it. Most people have little knowledge regarding the survey, which is not good enough. You need to know more if you want to work on it. There are three types of Asbestos survey which a person can conduct to get all the details. All three have different names and charges, and a person can choose one according to their comfort. Have a look at the upcoming paragraphs to get to know about all three surveys.

Three types of the Asbestos survey!

 The top-class surveys are divided into three groups. Every group has different charges and different services to offer. A person can have a look at all three surveys by having a look at the paragraphs below. Jump to upcoming paragraphs to get complete detail regarding the same.

  • Type 1

First type of survey does not provide many benefits to its users. This is also known as visual inspection and costs very little as compared to all others. The visual inspection should be least preferred as the works do provide many benefits in it. Your money is simply wasted as no samples are taken, and no further research is done on it. This is one of the cheapest and quickest surveys, and one cannot avail of many benefits through it. All the suspicious material is treated as asbestos.

  • Type 2

The type two survey is a bit detailed, and a normal user can avail some benefits from it. A visual study is done, and any material associated with containing asbestos is examined and broke down. The lab tests will then, at that point, demonstrate or refute the presence of asbestos, and the report will show an ideal approach. This kind of overview is the most widely recognized and is the savviest method of conforming to asbestos performance. This is a far better method as compared to the type one method. More time and money can be saved, and one can see better results in a short span of time.

  • Type 3

The type three survey is the best one among all. It is usual that it costs more money, but it also provides much more benefits to a person. All the asbestos are taken as sample and Asbestos survey do a complete analysis on it. Moreover, the cost of this survey is not much, and a normal person can afford the same. The laboratory tests will give you complete detail regarding asbestos, which is a beneficial thing.

This survey is also called a fully intrusive survey as the professionals analyze each and every detail in it. Compared to types one and two, samples are taken better, and all the work is done with high-tech machines. You will also receive a report once the process is completed. A person should prefer this type because this is more beneficial and useful.

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