June 23, 2024

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To ensure that your watch has a long lifespan and is always in its best condition, we have separated tips on caring for and conserving the accessory daily.

#1 – Change Your Watch Battery Every Two Years

Unlike mechanical watches, which wind the accessory to work, many more affordable models have batteries that need to be changed periodically to keep the part in working order. Ideally, the battery should be changed every two years to ensure the accessory does not stop working unexpectedly. It is also important to emphasize that it must be replaced at the end of a battery’s useful life as soon as possible. If it stays in the watch for a long time, its deterioration could damage the interior of the part.

#2 – Keep Your Watch Away From Magnetic Appliances

In the technological age we live in, it can be complicated to follow this tip to the letter, especially when we don’t know which devices in our daily lives can be magnetic. Keep your watch well away from televisions, computers, microwave ovens, scanners, and medical equipment when in doubt. The magnetism present in these devices, when very strong, can affect both the electronic components present in digital watches like Rolex watches Daytona (นาฬิกา rolex Daytona which is the term in Thai) and the motor that moves the hands in analog models, slowing it down, accelerating it, or even stopping it.

#3 – When Not Using, Keep The Watch In A Proper Place

At the end of a stressful and tiring day, your first impulse when you get home might be to take your watch off your wrist and drop it anywhere until the next time you wear it. It goes without saying how dangerous this can be for the part, as you can accidentally drop it – and cause scratches on the watch case – or leave it too exposed to dirt, which damages the intricate mechanism inside. Ideally, after each use, the watch is kept back in its original box or away from children in a specific case.