March 23, 2023

With the renewed interest in watches in recent years, many new brands offer luxury watches at attractive prices. However, for the neophyte, it is not necessarily easy to judge the authenticity of these timepieces. Today we are giving you four tips to recognize a quality watch, which will accompany you over the long term.

The Luxury Watch, More And More Coveted

If there are many watch enthusiasts among the owners of luxury watches in the general public, it is becoming common to want to own one. With a sleek design, sophisticated functions – the complications – fascinate.

They are sometimes also pledges of wealth and a certain status. As a result, like luxury cars or haute couture, they are the object of all desires.

It is, therefore, an exciting market that is developing, with its share of disadvantages. Indeed, it is not uncommon to see the appearance of counterfeits of influential brands or supposedly artisanal watches produced in the assembly line with inexpensive raw materials.

There are, therefore, a few tips to ensure the quality of a watch.

A Quality Watch Has An Irreproachable Mechanism.

The first thing to observe when you want to buy a luxury watch is the quality of its mechanism. Meticulous, well-adjusted, and oiled, the mechanism must move the timepiece fluid and regular.

So, a quality watch has a very quiet-sounding ticking. It should only be audible when you bring the watch closer to your ear. Another important detail: ultra-precise, the ticking must be regular, whether the watch is mechanical or quartz. Also, be sure of the origin and caliber of the movement. Most high-end watch movements are of Swiss or Japanese origin, and a series of 4 digits indicate their caliber.

A Quality Watch Is Distinguished By Choice Of Materials Used

A guarantee of robustness and durability, materials are essential in the design of a high-end quality watch. Thus, a standard watch can be manufactured using materials that easily scratch, tarnish, oxidize or break like poor quality metal alloys.

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