December 3, 2023

C60 supplement is a miracle molecule that has been making the headlines for the right reasons. We shall be taking a look at how this supplement can be taken. The objective is to bring to the awareness of our readers the methods that they can take to achieve the best that is included in this natural combination of carbon. In how many ways is the molecule available on the shelf? How can you handle the dose for the best results? We shall be providing answers to the questions and several more here. Enjoy.

This molecule is available in the following forms:

Liquid form

Dissolved in olive oil

Dissolved in avocado oil

Dissolved in MCT coconut oil

Dissolved in black seed (Nigella sativa) oil.

It is available in capsule form.

The above represents the various ways that you can get the supplement on the shelf. It now depends on how best you want it. You can place your order for any of the above and by following the instructions on the leaflet, you will achieve soothing relief in your body.

Recommended Dose

Like with every other supplement, extra care should be taken to avoid an overdose. We recommend that the average 150-lb person take one teaspoon a day. The best time to do this should be in the morning.  There are no hard rules here on the dosage of this supplement. It is a function of the body weight of each individual.

It is a function of grams or milligrams per kilogram of individuals; this can be used to get the right concentration on dosage for each individual. If we are to go by the Baati animal study; what was used is 1.7 mg/kg, their focus was on researching toxicity levels in animals.

Quality Products

If you want to achieve the best results that mattered in getting quality products from the options that are available on the web, then you must come up with a professional buying guide. This is required in other to separate the original from the pretenders. The following tips can be used to land the best bottle among the several options that are available online:

There should be a Dark/amber bottle. This is a must because it will help protect the bottle from the rays of light.

Make sure the oils used in the bottle are organic and certified.

The composition must be solvent-free.

The bottle that is worth your investment must be third-party tested. This will make assurances double sure that you are with the right supplement that is potent and clinical in its composition.

There should be evidence of high concentration.  The ideal bottle that is worth your investment should be 99.95% to 99.99% pure C60

It should be stated here that in all the experiments, there is no result of toxicity in users. This is due mainly to the fact that this supplement contains free radicals. The requirement needed to get the best and the right dosage for C60 supplement has been addressed above.