December 3, 2023

Sculptures are one of the most loved garden ornaments of all time. It adds an enchanting look to your garden and adds a very sophisticated charm. However, before you purchase sculptures, you should consider certain points so that your garden does not look cluttered, the sculpture does not look out of place and creates the perfect look of your garden.

1) Style of the garden- When you decide to buy a sculpture for your garden, don’t go for what’s in the ornament. Pick garden ornaments that will really vibe with your personality and goes with the theme of your garden. If you want to create a shabby garden look, pic clay-based statues and for a garden vibe with zen, go for the wooden Buddha statue.

2) Size of the sculpture-  How big a sculpture you should buy for your garden depends on two factors

  1. a) What is the size of the garden.
  2. b) How striking you want the garden ornaments to be?

The large sculpture attracts the attention of the person to a particular area whereas the small sculpture will bring you to close into the garden. The large sculptures can take a lot of space and thus make your garden look smaller. However, it can add the perfect zen vibe to your garden. 

3) Location- Another important aspect is where you would like to place your sculpture in the garden. The large sculpture shouldn’t be hidden behind loads of or big plants. It should be in front and centre of your garden so that anyone who enters the garden, lay their eyes first on these beautiful garden ornaments.  Similarly, the small sculpture should be placed effectively, so that they do not get unnoticed. If you have a pond in your garden, you can plant small metal or animal sculpture around it. 

4) Material of the sculpture– The sculptures are made of different material such as metal, fibreglass, clay and wood. The type of material sculpture you purchase makes a lot of difference in the overall style of your garden and also how long the sculpture would last. So, before you purchase any of these garden ornaments, you should know what is your ultimate aim and what purpose do you want it to serve. Metal sculptures are more durable as compared to concrete or limestone sculpture. 

5) Surrounding plants- The plants that would be surrounding your sculpture makes a big difference in the overall look of your garden. The color of the plants that surround your sculpture should either complement it or contrast it. The surrounding plant should not disguise your sculpture nor it should overwhelm it. 

When you are planning to purchase a plant, you should also consider the below-mentioned queries-

  1. a) When the plants would blossom and what kind of and which colors flowers would it offer?
  2. b) Will they blossom all year long or only in a certain season?
  3. c) How its flowers would impact the overall look of the sculpture and would it go with the look of the sculptures.