September 30, 2023

What do you do when wastewater needs to be pumped out from a lower level? You need extra equipment to fulfil that need. That is where a POMPE DE RELEVAGE comes in. In the case of a flood especially, these come in handy as they would help push the water into a higher surface.

A POMPE DE RELEVAGE is something that goes into a lifting station. It is a system used to move out the wastewater. This station must be protected so that it is safe from damages and thus need to be kept in a casing or a manhole.

This whole system of the station has the POMPE DE RELEVAGE. The container is used to purify the wastewater collected. That would include, greywater, wastewater, black water etc. That is when it is a POMPE DE RELEVAGE installed for homeowners.

In the case of sewage, there are submersible ones available. These are the ones used when flooding happens and you need to pump out the water that gets collected in the cellar or someplace lower than ground level.

This pump can be used for clearing out water from the pools and can be used to drain out a flooded construction site. It is essential to use a POMPE DE RELEVAGE for these scenarios as the water that is clogged up would cause damage to the construction site, when it is present unintended.

While the presence and use of a POMPE DE RELEVAGE are important in all the scenarios, knowing which one is best is also important. To gain the information on that, you need to have a proper consultation with a  proper sanitation company. They would be familiar with dealing with such situations and can help you efficiently.

The sizing of the lifting station is determined in every case. Only if the appropriately sized one is installed, will it work to remove the water. To determine this, you need first to know what kind of water is to be cleared or sucked up.

Is it laden water, clear water, sewage or wastewater? Once that is determined, you can get to where the water needs to be taken out. The height of the water level would be the pumping point of the POMPE DE RELEVAGE and the existing level is also to be known.

Next, the amount of time you are willing to give the process needs to be fixed. Depending on that, the workers can work to remove the water. The length of the pipe also needs to be fixed for the pumping and the voltage of the system too. The voltage would be either single-phase or three-phase. These are the pointers that need to be determined before deciding the size.

One such company that specialises in this whole system of POMPE DE RELEVAGE is AK Assainissment. They have the experience of 20 years that backs them up so they are very trustworthy. They specialise in this and many other sanitation services that are necessary for today’s scenario.

All you will need to do to avail of their services would be to call them up or email them. There is also an option to fill up an application for the service you need on their website itself which you can fill in.