March 21, 2023
  • Fortnite combines gaming between phones and consoles.

Fortnite is a catalyst for the innovation of a game that combines phones, computers, and gaming consoles, as options for its users to access the game. It gave the privilege to their users to have it in many ways, which attracted many people for its convenience for use.

You might consider how the game will go for mobile phones and gaming consoles—still the same interface and game quality. Epic games derived interface designed for the platforms the game will be in, so it’s not a problem how someone would be able to play Fortnite if not in their computers comfortably.

  • Fortnite gives more freedom to its players.

Fornite gives out weekly updates to its users, which is a manifestation of how much they listen to their users, and at the same time, how much their users want to make the game better for their own consumption. For instance, the game gives out new modes and fan-created modes, like the Party Royale Mode, which has no killing and is perfect for you and your friends’ virtual hang out in-game.

The next thing has to do with the game’s customizable inventory. For every update, there is something to look forward to with regards to new items and new advances in customizing one’s item for better gameplay, because the customization can include power-ups and incentives to edge over other players.

The players have two options for play, the Save the World mode and the Battle Royale mode, which last about twenty minutes more or less. It gives a lot of space for these players to continue playing or try out different aspects in the game.

  • Fornite has space for its users to socialize.

Another thing is that Fortnite makes the game so social, allowing users to interact freely and socially with each other, more than the competitive mode games. One can also connect with other players online, forming team-ups for battle plays and games. Epic Games does not only bank of the convenience to access the game, but also the convenience to make real connections inside the game.

  • Fortnite combines gameplay with pop culture.

More than how Fortnite crosses over gaming platforms, it also bridges things like popular culture to the game. The game’s special events compose of special features of music, actors, and everything pop culture. This hinging upon pop culture adds to the market strategy of the game, which a lot of people buy into, by the way.

The game also has merchandises, like Fortnite Clothes for one’s go-to ensemble. It can signal to other people in the real world that you play the game, and if it so happens that they do, too, then what do you know? You have just gotten yourself an online friend in Fortnite.

  • Fortnite is a sandbox game.

The last factor has to do with the fact that the game will ever run out of people. Fortnite just announced accumulating a total of 250 million users worldwide.

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