March 23, 2023

Many of us are new to the world of gambling and online roulette gaming world, but it does not diminish our enthusiasm to play one session of it. However, before you log in to your ligaz11 account, you should be aware of some of the term associated with this game, so that you don’t feel lost.

  • American Roulette – In this version of roulette, the wheel consists of 38 compartments and numbers 0,00 and from 1 to 36. 

  • European Roulette – In this version of roulette, the wheel consists of 37 compartments with number 0 and from 1 to 36. 

  • Backtrack– It is the outer ring of the roulette wheel in ligaz11 where the ball whirls. 

  • Black action- It is the situation where the player makes a stake with a black chip worth $100.

  • Black Bet – It is the situation in ligaz11, where a player raises its stakes on a number whose next color is black.

  • Bottom Track – It is the inner segment of the roulette wheel that remains at the fixed position. When the roulette wheel is spun, the ball slides into the bottom track before bouncing into the pocket.

  • Chameleon Strategy – It is tactics in which the player observes and mimics the winning players move. 

  • Chasing Loses – It is the scenario in which a player keeps betting to win what he has lost in the gaming session.  

  • Check rack – It is also known as a chip tray in ligaz11 and contains all the chips. 

  • Choppy game –In this game at ligaz11, neither the house nor the player is winning consistently.  

  • Column bet – It is the bet in which wager is made on any of the three colours of the roulette wheel of ligaz11.

  • Corner bet – In this bet, the player makes a wager on the four number by placing the chip in the middle of this number. 

  • Croupier – It is the person who serves the roulette table in ligaz11.

  • Dozen bet – It is the bet, where a player wager on marked three sets with 12 numbers.

  • High bet – When a player raises its stakes on a number between 19 to 36.  

  • Low bet – When a player raises its stakes on a number between 1 to 8.

  • Parlay – In this scenario, the player raises his stakes on the table and drop it besides a new bet and goes for the next spin.

  • Payout- It is the amount that the player receives when he wins a bet. 

  • Pinching – It is the removal of chips from the betting table of the roulette, illegally after the result has been announced. 

  • Red bet – It is the bet, in which a player raises its stake on the color whose neighbouring number is in red. 

  • Roulette chips – They are chips that are used in ligaz11 or any other casino platform to play and make bet on roulette. 

  • Six Bet– In this kind of bet, the player makes his wager on the six number of the roulette table. 

Now, since you are aware of the roulette terms, you can play without any worry. 

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