March 21, 2023

The Safety boots, safety boots, and safety shoes are IPE used daily, so they require extra care to extend their useful life. Workers need to bear in mind the importance of taking care of their work material, even as a way of showing zeal and concern with the company’s assets and theirs. Employers will welcome this care.

Thinking about helping you take good care of your Safety Footwear, we have separated 6 essential tips that will guide good care with your Safety Shoe, Boot, or Boot. By following these guidelines, you can prolong the life of your PPE and keep it comfortable and functional for longer or you can also read more (อ่านต่อ which is the term in Thai) here.

1) Do Regular Cleaning

Keeping your Safety Footwear clean is essential for a good conservation of the material and the good appearance of your PPE. It is always a good idea to remove any residue stuck to your Safety Boot using a damp cloth and leave the shoe to dry naturally overnight. Every 15 days, it is essential that you wash your shoes with mild soap and running water, always making sure there is no foreign material stuck to them.

2) Leave To Dry In Cool Places

The Safety Shoes are usually made of leather, a material that cannot be exposed to excessive heat, as this will damage its flexibility and quality. After washing your Safety Boot, you must leave it to dry in a cool place away from the sun, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, or any other heat source. High temperatures are harmful to leather, breaking and making your shoes extremely uncomfortable.

3) Clean The Inside Of The Shoe Before Using It

Just as important as the outside of your Safety Footwear is its inside. It is essential to ensure there is no residue inside the Footwear and that it is dry before putting on your feet. The use of foot powder is also recommended to avoid the appearance of unpleasant odors that make wearing shoes inconvenient. The worker will spend the entire day with the Safety Footwear on their feet, so the care with this PPE must be daily to make the daily experience more pleasant.

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