June 23, 2024

The Crossdraw holsters are a common choice of shooters. They are designed in a Crossdraw fashion and used for so long. The product is available in different shapes, sizes and budgets.

The top 5 crossdraw holsters offered by Kirkpatrick –

Kirkpatrick offers a variety of products for its customers. Take a look at different Crossdraw holsters of this legit store.

1. Kirkpatrick Crossdraw Ruger SP101 Holster

The store provides holsters for different medium and small-sized pistols for so long. The belt loop of thecrossdraw holster for the SP101 keeps the gun close to your body. For a perfect fit, it is hand-molded and prepared of American vegetable-tanned leather. Their holsters are made to last for so long. Moreover, they provide instant access and secure your firearm.

2. Kirkpatrick Texas Crossdraw OWB Holster

It is perfect for those who spend the majority of their time driving or sitting. Its high-ride design makes you feel comfortable without sacrificing access to the pistol. The features of OWB holsters are as follows-

  • Reinforced top

  • Molded sight rail

  • Rear stabilizing belt loop

  • Hand-molded finish

  • Full access to grip

  • Double-stitched at stress points

3. Laredoan Crossdraw rig

Television and movie kept the spirit of the old west alive in our hearts. The Laredoan Crossdraw holster is prepared to be easily attached to your body. It is hand-molded and cut from similar quality leather as ‘Laredoan’. This fully lined holster comes with a silver-plated initial or concho.

4. Crossdraw western rig

Needless to say, the Crossdraw rig is liked by the customers for so long. They are still loved by the customers with new innovations and improvements. It contains 12 hand-molded bullet loops with a nickel-plated square buckle. The Crossdraw western rig is prepared from high-quality leather and available at the lowest prices.

5. Ruger SP101 holsters

Have you heard the name of Ruger SP101? Yes, it is one of the best-sellingrevolvers in the U.S. It is a great choice due to its small frame. The product is available in a majority of gun stores. However, finding its high-quality holster is a challenging task.

One of the reliable stores for buying Roger SP101 holsteris Kirkpatrick. They offer this product after it was introduced in the 1980s. Similar to their other products, Roger SP101 Holsters are also prepared using high-quality American tanned leather.

Why go online for shopping Crossdraw holsters?

Online shopping can provide you a memorable experience. Whether to go for online or offline stores depends on your requirements and expectations. However, if you are looking for comfort, security, a variety of products and payment options then it is suggested to go online.

In addition to this, they enable you to save your transportation cost, delivery charges and overhead expenses. If required, you can contact their experienced support team 24*7.

Bottom line –

Crossdraw holsters are perfect for shooters with a shoulder injury. They are a convenient and comfortable way of accessing your gun. For purchasing high-quality products at the cheapest prices, it is suggested to go for reliable stores like Kirkpatrick.