September 28, 2023

The NFL is one of the most beloved sporting events in the world. Fans come from all over to watch their favorite teams compete against one another. However, not everyone can afford to pay for cable or premium subscription TV channels. Thankfully, the internet provides us with a solution, and Reddit is one of the most popular options. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about stream nfl games live on Reddit.

First, you must join the appropriate subreddit (r/NFL). This subreddit is dedicated to all things NFL-related. You will find game highlights, articles about players and teams, and discussions about previous and upcoming games. But most importantly, the subreddit will offer live streams of NFL games. Joining the subreddit is as simple as creating a Reddit account (if you don’t have one already) and searching for “r/NFL”.

Once you have joined the subreddit, you will need to navigate to the game thread to find a link to the live stream. Game threads are created a day before the game, and the thread will include information such as which channels are broadcasting the game, what time it starts, and where to find the live stream. Typically, the links to the live stream will be added a few minutes before the game starts. Refreshing the page frequently will be necessary to find the link promptly.

The quality of the live streams on Reddit can vary. Some streams in the subreddit will be of high quality, while others may be blurry or choppy. Reddit streams are typically hosted by viewers who use their accounts to broadcast the game to their Reddit subs. The quality of a live stream heavily depends on the broadcaster’s internet connection. When watching the stream, viewers can report broken links and lousy streams by clicking the ‘report’ button.

One potential drawback of watching live streams on Reddit is the possibility of encountering an advertisement-riddled stream. Egregious advertisements are an issue when fans try to watch games live online. It’s best to download and install an ad-blocker, which will ignore and block ads. Some live streamers are also known to broadcast games using illegal streaming links, which is illegal and can cause more trouble than it’s worth.

Another option is to use Reddit Live. Reddit Live is a feature that allows Reddit users to create a post and update it in real-time. A Reddit user may provide play-by-play updates of an NFL game as if they were an announcer. This will allow users who cannot see the game to follow along with the action and not miss any important plays. Redditors can search for ‘Reddit Live’ and type in a specific game to follow live updates.


Reddit is an awesome streaming platform that allows us to watch NFL games free of charge. Most Reddit streams are of high quality, and they offer the best solution to fans who cannot afford cable subscriptions. However, some drawbacks come with these free streaming options, such as encountering a shady advertisement or coming across an illegal stream. Ultimately, Reddit provides a great option to watch NFL games live online, and knowing how to use Reddit Live or a reliable hosting link will further enhance the game-watching experience for fans all over the world.