February 21, 2024

The lithium trolling marine batteries have become quite a sensation among boaters and replacing the lead-acid batteries in the market. For someone using lead-acid batteries, it can be a little difficult to understand why they are becoming famous and whether one should buy them.

The reason for the pastries winning the trolling battery market is the lightweight and energy-efficient package that saves a lot of money in the future. These aspects distinguish them from other batteries and made them the future of batteries.

What are lithium trolling marine batteries?

The lithium trolling marine batteries are compact lightweight trolling batteries that are composed of lithium phosphate and provide a steady supply of power to the motor. These batteries also provide a constant supply so that the motor doesn’t endure any damage.

What makes them better lead acid batteries?

Two types of batteries are traditionally used that utilize lead-acid batteries namely the AGM and Lead-acid wet battery. The main difference between them the AGM uses sealed lead acid which made it non-spillable and safer than the lead-acid battery. But the lithium trolling marine batteries are ace in many aspects lets go through them one by one.

Power after Drainage

When batteries start discharging, they release most of their energy and provide poorer performance as they drain their battery. The lead-acid-based batteries drain their power at an even a less drainage of 50 %. The drainage can be seen in terms of slower speed.

But it is not the case with the lithium trolling marine batteries as they would provide a negligible drop in performance even if they had drained to 80 %. Thus, they provide a better experience for same voltage batteries.

Higher resilience 

The resilience to temperature is important for marine batteries as they are used in various temperature environments. But the lead-acid battery would get damaged even after protecting from those temperatures. This is not the case with lithium trolling marine batteries as they can endure extreme temperatures. So, one can use them in extreme temperatures without worrying about damage to the battery.

Longer life

Batteries do cost a lot of money and nobody wants to spend that money every 3 years on the battery alone. Unfortunately, the average life span of traditional batteries is shorter and they also cost a significant amount for maintenance. It is not the case with lithium trolling marine batteries as the average life of a battery is 6 years and can go even more if one uses it properly care.

The battery also doesn’t need much maintenance compared to the lead-acid battery. 

The only demerit one might find about the lithium trolling marine batteries would be the cost. But it can be sidelined as one will save money on maintenance and repairs.

The best thing one can do while buying them is to see whether the provider is giving a safe product and if they are produced with caution because if that is not the case then it can be a little hazardous. So make sure the company is authorized by competent authorities.