June 23, 2024

These days, people are moving out of the bustling cities to quieter places. They want to enjoy the peace and calm amidst nature and avoid the hustle-bustle of the cities. Bakersfield is also attracting the attention of a lot of people. Bakersfield sits at the southern end of the Central Valley of California.

Bakersfield caters to almost every aspect a person looks for when they plan to move to a different place. If you are planning to relocate to Bakersfield, it is a good option for you. However, you have to consider the car shipping service to/from any residents or business in Bakersfield, CA. The Ship a Car, Inc. in Bakersfield, offers direct services for delivering your vehicles to you safely.

The Ship a Car, Inc, in Bakersfield is in this business for more than 30 years now and is one of the reliable car shipping companies. They deliver more than thousands of vehicles monthly. When it comes to the neighborhood, you have plenty of options in Bakersfield. The neighborhood options include the modern master-planned communities, but also older traditional neighborhoods.

So, first of let’s know about Bakersfield. At the same time, find out what makes the place an ideal option for people considering relocation. 

Bakersfield and what makes it an ideal option for moving

In past, Bakersfield was just a rest area or stopover city between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The first settlers were attracted to the region because of the availability of gold in neighborhoods especially the area surrounding the Kern River. People may not find Bakersfield as big as the cities in California, but it is still a great place for people to live.

Today, Bakersfield has affordable housing prices as well as a strong job market. These are the main reasons making it an ideal place to live with your family. On the other hand, just like Texas, after the discovery of farms and oil rigs, Bakersfield is blooming with the agricultural industry and oils.  There are a lot of things like the short distance from the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the array of parks attracting people to Bakersfield.

If you are considering moving to Bakersfield then here is the list of best neighborhoods you should add in your search for ideal accommodation. 

Seven Oak

If you are looking for a neighborhood packed with all the amenities, then Seven Oak is one for you. It is a planned community with an individual district. Each district has a unique character.  

The community has beautiful tree-lined-up streets and landscapes. The County Club is the heart of this community. It has all the amenities people look for, such as a pool, golf course, tennis courts, and restaurants. As a resident, you can also enjoy walking on the walking trails and many parks. 

Other Ideal neighborhoods in Bakersfield

The other ideal neighborhoods in Bakersfield include –

  • Southern Oaks
  • Amberton
  • Tevis Ranch
  • Laurel Glen
  • Qualiwood
  • Belsera
  • City in the Hills
  • College heights
  • Tuscany / Rio bravo

These are some of the most popular neighborhoods among home buyers. These neighborhoods have the best sceneries and have the best amenities to offer the residents.