March 4, 2024

Let’s find out the best deepnude application where you can go to the section with articles and read interesting material on the topic, as well as read the privacy policy and user agreement for photo processing in the post below. 

The high quality of work in Nudify

When removing a sundress and a skirt from a girl through the deepnude ai, users note the high quality of work. Nudify algorithms do an excellent job with any shape of a woman; thin and plump people will look natural. The average processing time is 2 minutes. During the period of influx of users on weekends, the adjustment time increases to 3 minutes.

The main page of Nudify is presented with an example of work. You can make sure that the neural network does an excellent job of removing clothes from people of different races, and there is work on the incidence of light on the surface. It is very important! 

How does a deepfake neural network work?

The image of a naked girl is generated according to the following scheme in a simplified form:

  1. The photograph undergoes color correction, which is an increase in contrast for greater richness and brightness;
  2. The background is isolated from the picture, and the image of the girl is divided into more than a hundred different layers.
  3. All layers are checked for clothing; this is done by comparison with the color scheme of the skin;
  4. A search is carried out for exposed layers on the network for replacement or a created database; the material is compared by color, shape, resolution and some other characteristics;
  5. The most suitable layers are modified for greater plausibility and glued together;

The two neural networks, when creating nudified images, seem to compete with each other: the generator tries to deceive the discriminator, and the latter tries to detect a fake. This way, the algorithms teach each other and improve, resulting in the most natural content possible.