June 6, 2023

If you have GTA 5 apk installed on your device, you can enjoy the environment of the world created by Rockstars to the core. As there are several features to explore in this game, let us discuss the ways of transportation from one point to another in brief in this article.

Cars and motorcycles

The basic method of travel in almost all versions of GTA is the use of cars and other motorbikes out there in the city. Either you can buy one car or steal it from other characters of the game. There will be several garages from where you can buy a car and customize it if you want. You can also sell your vehicles to make money and buy some other vehicle if necessary.


When you find it boring to go by road to virtual gaming also, you can try airways. There will be hundreds of helicopters and airplanes available all over the city that you can use to fly to the destination faster without any traffic or other obstacles. You can find these helicopters on some buildings. They will accompany a parachute that you can take up to land safely.

Use armed vehicles

GTA 5 map consists of several military bases. If you are bored with traveling through ordinary cars and bikes, you can try infiltrating these military bases and taking up their armed vehicles. There, you can find vehicles and planes like military jets, tanks, and much more. A thing to note when trying to infiltrate these bases is that the military forces will attack you while you are doing so. Also, you would have to take the air route right away and should not run out of it by road. If you do this safely, you can enjoy riding the armed locomotives.

Faster movement

You can find several locomotives throughout the map that will help you take you to the destination in some time. However, there will be some obstacles to your travel, such as traffic when you go in cars and the location of the helicopters or other forms of air travel. So, it is almost impossible to go to your destination within seconds. If the matter is urgent and you would have to reach a specific point on the map in no time, you will need even faster ways of travel. To save your time and to get you there at the right time, there is an indirect way of transport in GTA 5. It is the act of joining in a racing event somewhere near your destination point. Since there will be race points in various areas of the map, you will find a place that is nearest to the place you have to go. Once you click on the race point, there will be an option named launch job. Clicking on this will take you directly to that spot in no time. From there, you can find that spot and go there.

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