May 28, 2023

Signs of aging are most common to show up early than expected and to remove them often various procedures are followed. Dermatologists suggest a lot of procedures to lift up the skin and remove other marks of aging some of which are very painful. The extra skin formed in the form of wrinkles and extra puffy skin can be hard to get rid of. 

Reasons of aging

Aging signs appear due to breaking of collagen and weakening of muscles and tissues with time and exposure to pollution and heat. Harmful UV rays are also a major factor for creation of such problems. There are various categories of treatments like skin invasive, non skin invasive, chemo etc. One such treatment that is effective is ultherapy.

 What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a non-invasive process to tighten up aged skin in which ultrasound imaging is used to deliver high energy beams over a specified area to boost up collagen so as to trigger thermal effect under the skin. 

How it’s done?

Dermatologists use Ultherapy Huntsville, AL to provide skin tightening services to customers in which they tighten up facial skin, brows and neck skin as well. They firstly make the customer feel comfortable then detect the areas that need treatment. After the detection is complete, treatment begins. During treatment, the procedure includes marking of areas. Then an ultrasonic gel is applied over the specified area. Placing an ultrasonic probe ultrasound energy is applied which triggers collagen formation that gives the best results. 

Risk comparison

During treatment some patients might feel some tingling or slightly heated up sensation. There is no downtime or recovery period. Thus, there are no major risks from it, just some swollen skin or redness may appear or numbness might be seen in some cases. As compared to invasive skin tightening processes non invasive are much safer and have a much lower risk factor with best results.

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