March 4, 2024

Hong Factory is an Amazing company with services for custom jewellery and unique designs with every piece. Do you want to have a look at the manufacturing process at Hong Factory and get to know the details of the ring size chart Before making your decision? Read the article below.


The manufacturing process at Hong Factory


  1. Designing of Jewelry – to start with, inspiration is an important element to invent a new piece of work. When you have the inspiration, it invites new ideas and designs that automatically leads to putting them all down on paper. The designs after rechecking with the seniors and going through 3D modelling, etc, it is capable of jumping to the next step.
  1. Wax carving – the 3D picture of the item is used for wax carving. With the help of a computerized wax designing machine, the wax model of the jewellery is brought into reality. Hong Factory has top-quality machines to carve the finest detail in the model.
  1. Silver moulding – the wax model is now being moulded by the metal. After moulding, it is kept for some time to allow the metal to embrace the structure perfectly.
  1. Rubber Molding – the silver item then is wrapped around with a layer of a special quality of rubber. After wrapping, the item is heated with pressure until it doesn’t look like a solid layered object.
  1. Tree waxing – next is tree waxing. It is important to clean the small unwanted particles from every corner of the structure after detaching the rubber waste from it.
  1. Lost wax casting – now, the workers will put the wax free in the flask, also known as a metal cylinder. Investment, a special kind of plaster will further be poured into the tree, it will reach every corner to Take shape.
  1. Assembly – time to assemble all the jewellery pieces we gathered. In this step, bracelet links are attached, bails are added to the pendants and earring posts are added to the earrings, and other parts to its jewellery respectively.
  1. Pre polishing – polishing the jewellery along with bushing is their next task. Jewellery polishing is a multi-level process while bushing the metal requires small soft tools like bristles and Muslin.
  1. Stone setting – Hong Factory has a good variety of gemstones in their collections and would love to add a touch of it to your wardrobe if needed. The stones can add a beautiful touch of geometry, automatically enhancing the looks of your jewellery.
  1. Final polish – with fulfilling the final stages of polishing, now your jewellery is all set to reach you.



Ring size chart at Hong Factory


A ring size chart is a vital element in the process of ring sales and services. If you are a seller of rings, customs or your designs, it is important to put a ring size chart in the centre to help out your fellow customers. Understanding a ring size chart is an utterly simple task. Follow a few simple steps and your job is done.