February 21, 2024

Chat is one of the fastest-growing marketing channels today, but just how effective is it? Live chat has proven to be a cost-effective way for businesses to connect with their customers at the moment, with more people than ever having access to online marketplaces and social media services, companies need to develop new strategies that reach out to these potential customers. 

It’s always a good idea for your business to have a chat with your customers so that you can address any issues or concerns they might have, you see, many customers will simply go elsewhere if they encounter any problems while making a purchase and a lack of ease in finding information or answering questions can cause them to abandon their search and shop with other brands instead- so why not make the most of this marketing channel and increase your conversion rate by using live chat?

What is Live Chat?

Chat is an online communication tool that allows two people to communicate with each other over the internet, without having to be physically present, it is a way for people to communicate through text, voice, or video, without the other person having to be online at the same time and nowadays, companies are expanding their reach by enabling their customers to communicate with them via live chat- it is a way for an organization to communicate with its customers about their issues, requests, and concerns. 

Try These Strategies to Boost Your Conversions with Live Chat

You can boost your conversion rate by using a live chat app as a marketing tool and here are some strategies you can use to increase your conversions with live chat: 

  • Be Helpful – Live chat as a marketing tool requires helpfulness, when customers message you, you don’t want to be harsh or condescending, but you also don’t want to sound bored or overburdened; transparent, and helpful are the rules – if you want customers to feel like you care, be attentive, quickly reply to comments and messages to make clients feel heard. 
  • Be Creative – Customers want to connect with your brand- conversational live chat can enhance conversions by engaging customers and when customers message you, be creative and teach them.
  • Use Chatbot – Chatbot is a virtual assistant that responds to messages, provides information, and schedules appointments, it may enhance conversions by playing relevant information, answering FAQs, and directing customers through actions like ordering a product or reporting a complaint.
  • Understand your audience – You can’t create a relationship with unknown clients; relationships enhance conversions and strengthen brands, try to understand your consumers’ requirements and worries when using live chat.
  • Be consistent –You must be consistent with your live chat marketing strategy, customers will notice if you are always offline and unavailable, but they will also notice if you are present and responsive to their concerns. 
  • Make it easy for your customers to start a conversation – The best marketing campaigns are easy to execute and quick to complete so, whenever you are using live chat, make it as easy as possible for your customers to start a conversation with you.  
  • Consider alternative methods – While live chat is one of the most effective ways to boost your marketing, you should also consider using social media posts, email marketing, and in-app messages. What these channels have in common is that they all allow you to communicate with your customers.