May 28, 2023

If you own a car, you must know the proper ways to tow a car with a rope or tow truck 24 hours (รถยก 24 ชั่วโมง which is the term in Thai). Accidents can happen with any form of contact with a winch diver to pull your car out. You can also avoid hefty towing fees for cargo truck drivers if your car is not in an accident but is stuck in mud or a ditch. The rope is also useful if your car breaks down and needs to be pulled to your house or a repair shop. Learn how to tow a car with a rope and get your car to safety. Instructions

  1. Make sure the car is turned off entirely and in “Park” with the parking brake. Look under the edge of the front or rear bumper and find the car’s frame. Some cars have large pieces of metal with a hole in the center called a tow strap. This is the best place to tie a rope. If there is no tow strap, tie the rope directly to the frame. Tie a knot so it won’t come loose while pulling the car.
  2. Return the second vehicle to the car being towed. Stop the second car and set the parking brake. Look under the rear of the vehicle and find either a tow strap or a section of the frame to tie the rope. The length of the rope between the two vehicles must not exceed 6 meters. Making the rope too long can allow other cars on the road enough room to get between the two vehicles, causing an accident.
  3. Start the car to be towed. Check if the brake lights work. If they are not working, check that the emergency lights are working. If there are no working lights, put up a sign or wear shoe polish to write “in tow” in the back window.
  4. Start the vehicle that is towing the car and pull the car onto the road. Do not drive more than 15 kilometers per hour while using a rope to tow a car. Turns must be made very slowly and extra wide to allow room for the towed vehicle to turn.
  5. Have the driver of the car being towed pay attention to the signs of the towing vehicle. The driver of the towed car must apply the brakes, just as the other driver does, to avoid a collision.

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