February 21, 2024

Students love foil graduation invitation cards and announcements. The glittery appeal of these custom cards never fails to amaze any student. Foil makes these cards shine under lights. Since graduation invitation cards and announcements symbolize bright futures for students, this shiny design is very apt for the occasion. But, all grads custom-create and send graduation invitation cards and announcements.

How can you make your foil cards stand out? After months of delays, virtual classes, and other challenges, students deserve to celebrate their graduations in style. Merely getting foil designs for your announcement and invitational cards isn’t enough. To celebrate in style, students must add some more custom details to their cards. Here are some design ideas that students will love.

Create a Custom Design for the Ages

Your parents and loved ones will treasure your graduation announcement cards for decades. The recipients of your custom-designed graduation invitationswill also hold on to these items for several years. Make your graduation invitation cards and announcements worthy of saving by designing them as creatively as possible. Getting foil design will instantly elevate your cards’ aesthetic appeal. In addition to that, take the following steps –

  • Avoid using the ready-made graduation invitation or announcement templates on the Internet. Instead, create your own card design with the aid of experts.
  • Send your card sellers your design. Upload your custom design to their websites.
  • Add as many meaningful photographs as you can to the card. Find pictures of yourself inside school or university. Add them to your cards.
  • Add short but meaningful lines of text to your cards. The text should feature the basic details about the graduation event (student’s name, university’s name, etc.). It can also feature inspirational quotes, important dates, etc.

Before and After Photos

There’s nothing that symbolizes progress better than a set of before & after photos. Add pictures of your transformation as a student to your foil graduation announcements. Anyone who sees these pictures will smile by noticing how much you’ve changed. They’ll marvel at your transformation into an adult.

Ideally, you should take a set of graduation photos long before the actual event at your home. Capture personal shots of your study room, the backyard you grew up in, etc. Include these fun photos in your graduation announcement card to make it look extra special for all attendees.

Share Your Future Goals

Many students use their graduation announcements as networking tools. They include their career prospects and goals in the cards. By adding these details, they notify the recipients that they’re ready for internships or job offers. Do the same. Include a line that says something like “engineer in the making” at the back of the card. Use this guide to make graduation announcements and invites that stand out.