February 21, 2024



Pasties are small pieces of fabric that you can wear over your nipples after breast surgery. They’re usually made of cotton, satin or other lightweight material, and they’re worn for fun or to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. Even if you don’t have a mastectomy or another surgical procedure on your chest, it’s possible that boob pasties could still be useful for you—especially if you have sensitive nipples!


What are pasties?

They are small adhesive patches that adorn the breasts. They can be made from fabric, but some are also made from metal. This type of boob pasty has a metallic finish and can be used to cover up scars or tattoos on a breast.

They were originally designed to protect the breasts during sporting activities, but they have become popular in other areas as well. Many women wear them simply as decoration or protection for their nipples and areolas, while others still use them when participating in sports such as roller derby or burlesque dancing that require bodypainting or glitter application directly onto the skin.

How to get your hands on some.


You’re probably wondering how to get your own set of boob pasties, so here are a few tips for finding a company and ordering them:

  • Start with Google. If you don’t already have an inkling of where to find boob pasties company, start by searching for companies based on keywords like “boob pasties,” “breast cancer survivor,” and “survivor aid.” Most companies will also list their social media handles, which can be worth following if they’re particularly inspiring or helpful. For example, Boob Paws has taken to Twitter since their start-up in 2014 because it’s important for them to connect with breast cancer survivors and help them feel comfortable with the idea of showing off their scars through fashion.
  • Ask around! If any friends or family members know someone who has had breast cancer recently (or even recently enough that they still sport some battle wounds), ask if they could put you in touch with that person’s doctor—they may have suggestions about how best to treat those marks on your chest without compromising self-image or comfort levels too much!

Pasties can be used as a fun way to decorate your breasts after a mastectomy or other breast surgery.


They are a great way to decorate your breasts after a mastectomy or other breast surgery. They can also be used for breast cancer survivors, or for people who have had breast reduction surgery.

They are an easy and fun way to decorate your chest without the need for tattoos or painful piercings. They give you the chance to wear them out of the house without feeling self-conscious about showing off your newly reconstructed chest, without having to constantly tug up a strap at every momentary gust of wind!

They’re available in a range of different styles and colors too – from cute little bows through to tiny hearts and stars – so there’s something that everyone will love!



As you can see,  pasties are a great way to celebrate your body and your health. But they’re not just for those with breast cancer. Anyone can wear them!