December 3, 2023

There are a number of industrial processes that require heating. These processes may include simple drying to complex heating functionality. As this heating is not done at a small scale thus it needs high-quality heaters. Ceramic Band Heater is considered the safest and environmentally friendly option amongst all the industrial heaters available. There are numerous industries where these heaters are used. Mentioned below are some applications of these band heaters:

Rubber industries 

Rubber is a widely used material and its production is also than at a rapid rate. These heaters are used in the rubber industry to pre-heat the rubber sheets. Also, it is used in the process of vulcanizing those sheets. Pre-heating of pipes made up of synthetic is also carried through these heaters before they go for the process of coupling.

Plastic industries

Plastic industries are also a major applicable sector of these heaters. In this industry, ceramic heaters are used for the process of vacuum forming and thermoforming to maintain a proper plastification of the rolls and sheets. To carry out the process of welding and lamination of plastic these heaters are widely used. The plastic industry can also use them for shrinking and curing the PVC paste.

Food and other products 

These heaters are also used in various processes of the baking industry such as brewing and baking of bakery products. They also play an important role in the process of food packaging. Tobacco can also be dried using ceramic heaters as well as manufacturing of powder and sprayed coating is done through these infrared heaters.

Paper and textile industries 

Here it is used to dry paper pulp, paper glue, paper coating, etc. In order to promote the activation of adhesive, paper industries mainly opt for ceramic heaters. In textile industries, these are used to carry out the process of drying the ready and finished garments, textiles, carpets, etc.